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Defence Marketing and Beyond

With our team of Journalists, Marketers, Designers, ITs, Content Writers and Consultants, we are here to Revolutionise Cyprus’ Marketing Era. 

In April 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced the first specialised Defence and Security Marketing Agency on the island, aiming to operate as a one-stop shop for our customers. And we did it. 

Our main focus is Defence, Security and related projects, but we say YES to any challenge given, always aiming for tangible RESULTS.

Your credible partner in Defence & Security Strategic Marketing


At the heart of what is possible there is innovation & imagination. We aim at providing a holistic approach to the specialist nature of marketing communications in the defence and security sectors.


Creativity at its best
  • Showcase our customer products and services in an optimal way 
  • Apply a tailor-made approach to each customer
Uncompromising Quality
  • Added value embedded in every service. We love what we do, hence you can rest assured that we deliver only the best in all of our services
  • We pay attention to details. After all, details make the difference
  • We know our thematics. With our blend of professionals ranging from Journalists, Marketers, Designers, ITs and Consultants including ex Security Forces personnel, we are proud to say that we always deliver what’s requested in the demanding sectors of Defence, Security and beyond
  • We understand deadlines. To put it simply, we deliver what we promised when it is promised

Our Services

Defence And Security Media Services

Specialised media content for Defence and Security sectors We provide quality digital journalism combined with exclusive and unique audiovisual content, through Media Sites targeted to either a niche or broad audience.

Web Development

Creation of unique responsive websites with a focus on the dominant mobile web usage trend. By providing a single, dynamic version of your website to both desktop and mobile versions, you assist search engines in understanding and distributing your content better across the web.

Social Media Management

Time is Money. Dedicated in-house personnel for social media management cost not only wages and time, but also need proper training. More than two-thirds of the world’s population uses a mobile phone today and engages in social media.

Multimedia Production Including 2d-3d Animations

Motion picture is engaging. We deliver high quality audiovisual services including beautiful 2D or 3D animations. We are the first company in Greek-language Media to create 3D military infographics as well as interactive maps.


From business cards and brochure design to exhibition displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print marketing materials that will establish your company’s brand and clearly communicate messaging to potential clients and partners.

Google Ads

We help you create a comprehensive Google Ads marketing strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable goals, within your budget.

We have in-depth experience

Our extensive resources and commitment to client service satisfy the needs of a diverse client across multiple industries

Our Solutions

We Are Your Leading Business Growth Agency.

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